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What is Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is a clinical specialty of the Dental Science, with children, adolescents and people with disabilities as the sole subjects of focus. The Pediatric Dentist, after having completed their studies in Dentistry, is further trained for 2 to 3 years through acknowledged Postgraduate Specialty Studies.

Children are not merely a miniature of adults. Their nature of constantly growing and developing makes them a distinct social group that requires special treatment. In analogy to the Pediatrician, The Pediatric Dentist undertakes the dental care of young patients.

Children’s needs for treatment are not particularly different than those of adults; fillings, extractions and pulp therapies belong to the treatments employed by the Pediatric Dentist, along more specialized ones, such as: Stainless Steel Crowns for primary and permanent teeth, pulpotomy and space maintainers. The Pediatric Dentist’s main objective is to familiarize the child with dental care and treatment, to earn their trust and to nourish their behavior in a manner that will form an excellent future patient, cooperative not only with the dentist, but every doctor.

The Pediatric Dentist uses psychological and behavior management techniques, so as to approach the child and relieve them from stress.

Furthermore, using special vocabulary, depending on the age and mental level of the young patient, they explain to them the procedures that will follow in a comprehensible way, so that they prepare them and make them a participant to the entire process.